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Precision Metal Stamping

Check out our latest addition to the website -- our photo gallery of precision metal stampings!  In fact, if you send us a photo of your custom engineered stamped component (along with a brief explaination of what it does, and what it is named) and we use it in the gallery we will send you an Amazon gift card as a 'thank you'.  Look for details on the Stamping Gallery page.

We Stamp Ideas Into Reality

Die-Tech, Inc. manufactures precision metal stampings for the automotive, military, aerospace, electronics, medical devices, connectors, and telecommunications industries. We team with manufacturers to develop custom engineered stamped components to meet individual program requirements or work with you to solve problems caused by a poorly designed existing metal stampings. We then manufacture our own progressive dies to produce those stamped metal components such as: automotive terminals, fine-pitch connectors, hybrid edge clips, tabs, coils, leadframes, heat spreaders, and other burr free, light-weight, complex formed or flat metal components, and custom connectors. Die-Tech also has a system in place to transfer your existing progressive stamping die to our facility without the pain and hassles typically associated with a stamping supplier change.

If you’re ready for a trusted adviser, preferred supplier, or innovative partner for your metal stamping needs – look no further. Die-Tech specializes in design assistance, rapid prototyping, practical die construction, and long term production of high quality, cost-effective precision metal stampings. We invite you to leverage our experience and expertise with precision metal stamping to take your business to the next level.

A United States Manufacturer Serving the World

Die-Tech is based in the United States, and serves a global marketplace. Clients from the United States, Canada, Mexico, South America, Europe, the Middle East, and Asia have discovered the benefits of collaborating with an innovative and nimble partner such as Die-Tech. If time is an issue for you, rest assured it isn’t for us – we can deliver production ready, sophisticated custom metal stampings within 4 weeks. Even “impossible” metal stampings can be delivered with just a few additional weeks. And you don’t have to sacrifice quality for this kind of speed – Die-Tech is certified ISO 9001-2001 - ANSI/ISO/ASQ Q9001:2008 and TS16949 for the manufacture of stamped products.  Find our Conflict Minerals Policy here.

We Understand Your Challenges Using Metal Stampings

Nothing will frustrate your attempts to meet your customer’s expectations faster than inferior precision metal stampings. As a second-generation family owned business, we have a unique hands-on experience in the stamping marketplace. We understand firsthand the challenges customers face when seeking precision and “impossible” metal stampings. If you’ve experienced any of the challenges below, then Die-Tech can partner with you to overcome these obstacles:

Design: Not sure if your custom engineered stamped component design will work? Worried that no one can work metal within the tolerances needed for your project? Poor initial design can cost you time and money. Early collaboration with a Die-Tech engineer who specializes in precision metal stampings and can understand your objectives and budget will take you to the next level. We take responsibility for the design and manufacture of individual tools, die construction, process development, preventive maintenance, secondary finishing or assembly processes, packaging, and final delivery to your manufacturing center.

Prototypes: How can all possibilities of a new idea be explored in a cost-effective manner? Can your idea be quickly and accurately realized as a prototype, before the competition beats you to it? The seeds of success or failure are sown early in the process of new product design. Selecting the right adviser and partner to help in the design, build and development of new products is the most important step. At Die-Tech, we believe we have the experience, reliability, credibility, and empathy you’re looking for in a trusted partner.

Progressive Dies: Why are progressive dies so expensive and slow to build? What can be done to speed up the time it takes to make new precision metal stampings products? Often the failure of a stamped product is not so much a failure of product design as it is poor execution of tool and die construction in the progressive die. At Die-Tech, we control the entire progressive die construction process so that there are no excuses or finger pointing about progressive die performance during the life of the stamping program.

Quality Systems: Have other manufacturers left you high and dry with poor quality and inconsistent metal stamping products? Or are you confused about all the certified quality systems, and find yourself wondering what distinguishes one system from another? Die-Tech uses the discipline and tools of the ISO/TS system to fuel our commitment to quality. The external auditing process challenges us to live our documentation, benchmark our performance, question the status quo, and create higher performance standards for every member of the corporation. If you've experienced the frustration of working with companies that hide behind procedure, then you might appreciate the advantages of an organization that is open and receptive to changes that make sense to all stakeholders.

The Highest Ranking Customer Service in the Industry

Solutions: Sometimes even the best laid plans can go wrong. What happens when things get ugly with your metal stampings needs? If you’ve had problems with your metal stamping solutions – including stampings that need to be smaller and lighter and finer-pitched, metal that is too expensive, soldering failures, sloppy tolerances, low capacity, poor yield, or high cost – then you need to talk to Die-Tech. We’ve used our precision metal stampings to eliminate many production headaches and sleepless nights for our customers. See who's who at Die-Tech.

Precision Metal Stampings of all Kinds

Terminal Leadframes: Need a robust, custom designed precision metal stamping that will withstand harsh environments? Does your next venture demand a sturdy, specially made, precision metal stamping? Do you use metal stampings that require plastic over-molding? Die-Tech Terminal Leadframes are robust, reliable, precise metal stampings that may be exposed to harsh environments; such as those found in automotive, military, aerospace, or industrial controls applications. These unforgiving conditions are what the Terminal Leadframe model was created to address. Our focus on the customer's challenges, in-house efficiencies, and teaming with York Imperial Plastics enables Die-Tech to fast-track the product to production. This time-to-market advantage is key to our customer's ability to compete in today's global economy.

Leadframe, Edge Clips, and Connectors: Are poorly designed products making it impossible for you to take advantage of the ability to integrate miniaturizing, fixturing, handling, locating, or orienting features in your leadframes, edge clips or custom connectors? Precision leadframe and edge clips do make the difference in the quality, consistency, and ability of your organization to meet your customers’ expectations. Die-Tech manufactures leadframe, hybrid edge clips, connectors and other precision metal stampings for the electronics, automotive, military, aerospace and telecommunications industries.

What do you call it?

Interconnects, contacts, card edge clips, connectors -- what do you call your Custom Engineered Components (CEC)? Check out this list if you are not sure we make what you need.

Prototypes of your custom metal stamped component concept in your hand -- what would that do for your project? It isn't as expensive, nor as difficult, as you might imagine. Die-Tech will show you the way.


We specialize in serving the following industries:

Die Transfer

Use the Die-Tech process to simply and effectively transfer your existing product dies if your current stamper doesn't understand how to deliver product on time, with zero defects, at a fair price. Progressive dies tooled for existing products can be transferred without all the headaches you may have experienced in the past. Start the process by contacting us today.

Communications and Consumer Electronics

Communications and consumer electronics are what got Die-Tech started in the precision metal stamping business – we began by providing products for hybrid electronics, and spent our first 20 years perfecting this line of business. When you need a proven manufacturing partner for your leadframe, edge clip, hybrid edge clip, dual inline and single inline lightweight complex metal stampings, look no further. With the shortest time-to-market of any metal stamping manufacturer, a reputation for reliability and precise custom work, and a serious dedication to quality, Die-Tech is the partner you’ve been seeking.

Hybrid Edge Clips and Leadframe

These are the connectors for which you have been searching. Die-Tech made to order hybrid edge clips and leadframe, also known as SIPS, DIPS, ZIPS, and Reverse J SMT.

Specialty Filters

Die-Tech is a second-generation technology-driven company based in the United States, with decades of experience building precision metal stampings. If you are seeking a partner with global experience managing the design, prototyping, and production of specialty filter metal stampings, then look no further. We understand the unique constraints of building parts for the nuclear power industry, and our proven track record and ISO/TS certifications and RoHS compliance make Die-Tech a leader in the precision metal stamping industry.

Automotive Metal Stamping

Die-Tech is a progressive and innovative metal stamping manufacturer that specializes in collaborating with automotive industry customers just like you. If you need to create sophisticated, custom metal stampings in record time – as little as 4 weeks – then you’ve come to the right place. We provide design assistance, rapid prototyping, practical die construction, and long-term production of high quality, cost-effective precision metal stampings. Contact us today to find out how you can leverage our experience and expertise with precision metal stamping to take your business to the next level.

Medical Devices

The Medical Industry is under tremendous pressure to reduce costs and improve delivery, while keeping quality at its normal high standards. This isn't new to us. Die-Tech has been dealing with these three challenges in the industries we have been serving for over 36 years. Die-Tech is moving into Medical -- isn't time you moved into Die-Tech? Give us a call today.

Aerospace and Military

Die-Tech is a technology-driven company specializing in “Made in America” precision metal stampings for aerospace and military use. Our quality-certified, innovative design and manufacturing process can produce sophisticated, custom precision metal stampings in as little as 4 weeks. Contact Die-Tech today to find out how you can leverage our decades of experience and expertise with metal stamping to bring breakthrough design and engineering to your project.


Can't find exactly what you need from other supplier's connector catalogs? Then perhaps we can be of assistance. You see, Die-Tech doesn't have a catalog of standard connectors -- each product we manufacture is a custom designed, made to order, product for a specific interconnect application.

Who's Who at Die-Tech

Need help, or just want to put a face with that voice on the telephone? This section of the Die-Tech website introduces you to many of our staff and lets you know, in their own words, what they do for you -- our customer.