Metal Micro-stampings for Medical Devices

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Is getting your medical device to market filled with frustration?

1Do they shock you with the cost of a part that you thought would be simple to make?

Does everything need to get smaller, but they have little experience with micro machining or metal micro-stamping?

They have no way to accelerate product development — it takes 3 months or more to develop a metal part for you to use in your prototyping and testing.

Are your programs at constant risk because they don’t meet their contractual obligations leaving you stuck with broken promises?

die-tech teams with manufacturers of medical devices who use precisionpump2a metal stampings, and micro machined components to accelerate product development and improve their competitive edge. We do this by providing design for manufacturability, prototyping, die construction, metal supply chain management, and the consistent and reliable mass production of metal micro-stampings, and slightly larger precision metal stampings.
If you are a manufacturer of electro-medical equipment or instrumentation, and need metal parts that require miniaturization, must be ISO 9001:2008 certified, require cost controls or reductions, are burr free, or need to get to market now — call today to end your frustration.

Typically our metal micro-stampings are found in:

  • pacemakers data storage systems
  • peristaltic pumps switches
  • hearing aids RF/wireless components
  • shunt activators drug delivery equipment
  • fine lamps electronic monitors
  • displays in power supplies
  • other noninvasive and minimally invasive devices

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York Haven, PA 17370
Phone: 717.938.6771
or call PK at 717.345.4192

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