Die-Tech Stamps Cell Phone Components for the Telecommunications Industry


Raw Material Transformed

This raw material has two selectively plated gold strips applied to it. These areas of the raw material will be stamped and formed into edge clips that are used in the manufacturing of cellular phones. Raw material is fed through a series of stations that present the product to the progressive die inside a 32-ton press. This press runs at speeds up to 1200 strokes per minute.

With each stroke of the progressive die, the strip of metal is indexed to the next location where it is cut, pierced, or formed. This particular progressive die produces two separate strips of the end product. As the completed parts exit the progressive die and press, they are rolled up on cardboard reels designed to protect the parts during transportation to the customer. Notice the extra metal that remains around the small gold plated clips, this is called carrier strip and allows the next stage of assembly to be automated.