Custom Connectors

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Can’t find what you need in the other stampers’ catalogs?

Made in the United States

die-tech’s manufacturing plant is right here in America, however, our products are shipped around the world. Fifty-three percent of the products we produce are shipped outside our borders for production use in Canada, Mexico, South America, Europe, and Asia.

All Types of Connectors

Leverage the skill and experience of our engineering team for your interconnect requirement, we make all types of stamped metal connectors:

– electrical connectors
– computer connectors
– automotive connectors
– RF connectors
– wire connectors
– fiber optic connectors
– edgeboard connectors
– rack & panel connectors
– printed circuit board connectors
– DIP and SIP connectors

Contact Us Today

If you are ready to get your product into production with a custom connector contact us by phone or email. We will collaborate with you to review your design needs and discuss what you need to accomplish. Often this process will help identify ways to save you time and money. Call Leisa at 717.439.2517 now!