Custom Metal Stampings

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Engineering Ideas Into Reality

Are you in need of a metal component?  Have you been told that it can’t be done?  Do you have three metal stamping companies that have been trying to make your stamped metal component but are failing miserably?  Are time, energy, effort, and opportunity being wasted?  What are you waiting for?

We Engineer Metal to Get Your Project to Market

Wouldn’t you like to work with a metal stamping manufacturer that has a 41 year history of engineering the cost out of components and processes?  We team with you at the earliest stages of a new project to develop custom engineered stamped components that save your company millions of dollars over the life of the program.

We then manufacture our own progressive dies to produce those stamped metal components such as: automotive terminals, fine-pitch connectors, hybrid edge clips, tabs, coils, leadframes, heat spreaders, and other burr free, light-weight, complex formed or flat metal components, and custom connectors.

You can also use die-tech’s proven system to transfer your existing progressive stamping dies tooled by other custom metal stamping companies to our facility without the pain and hassles typically associated with a stamping supplier change.

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If you’re ready for a trusted adviser, preferred supplier, or innovative partner for your metal stamping needs – look no further. We specialize in:

  • metalworking engineering,
  • rapid prototyping,
  • practical die construction, and
  • long term production of high quality, cost-effective precision metal stampings.

We invite you to leverage our experience and expertise with metal stampings to take your business to the next level.

Custom Progressive Metal Die Manufacturing to Take Your Applications to the Next Level

At DIE-TECH, our focus is on how our custom-engineered stamped components can best contribute to your company’s success. We are able to solve metal working problems that other companies cannot, which can change the way you think about introducing new products, the way you think about how those products can function and the way you think about how those products can contribute to your overall marketing strategy.

The right custom metal stamping can save you a dramatic amount of money and time as well as help you produce higher-quality products. Your business could grow in ways you might not have previously dreamed of.

A Complete Start-to-Finish Metal Working Solution

When you work with DIE-TECH, we bring our metal stamping expertise and perspective to all elements of your part, from component design and engineering to product assembly and manufacturing. By fabricating custom hybrid edge clip metal stampings and other metal stamping components from not just a design but also an engineering perspective, we are in the best position to provide you with the most cost-effective solution. We can design a custom metal stamping die for your product that keeps both budget and function in mind.

In the processing phase, our experts are already positioned to anticipate assembly challenges due to our experience and the fact that we will carefully analyze the issue during the design phase. This means we need fewer prototypes to prove the concept, which again saves you time and money.

But efficiency is not the only way that we can save you money in your operations requiring metal work. Our metal working experts have saved our clients literally millions of dollars with our design solutions.

A United States Manufacturer Serving the World

die-tech is based in the United States, and serves a global marketplace.

The benefits of custom metal stamping in America cannot be overestimated. In addition to the benefit of creating American jobs and boosting the economy, there are some applications and industries, like the military, that require American-made parts. All of our parts, from our leadframe metal stampings to terminals and connectors, will fit this requirement.

But just because we manufacture our edge clip metal stampings and other metal stamping components in the United States and understand the needs of American businesses does not mean we don’t appreciate the needs of companies in other countries when it comes to metal stamping products.

Clients from the United States, Canada, Mexico, South America, Europe, the Middle East, and Asia have discovered the benefits of collaborating with an innovative and nimble partner such as die-tech. Our systems and processes aren’t like the typical “mom and pop” metal stamping companies just down the road from you.

If time is an issue for you, rest assured it isn’t for us – we can deliver production ready, sophisticated custom metal stampings within 4 weeks. Even “impossible” metal stampings can be delivered with just a few additional weeks. And you don’t have to sacrifice quality for this kind of speed – we are certified ISO for the manufacture of stamped products. Find our Conflict Minerals Policy here.

DIE-TECH: The Best Solutions to Your Metal Working and Custom Metal Stamping Needs

Our goal is to provide the solution you have been searching for in your industry. DIE-TECH exists for you as an answer to all of those companies that claim to be able to provide the custom metal stamping you need and then cannot or will not deliver. We will find a way to make your project work, often more affordably and effectively than you probably ever expected.

Don’t suffer with subpar metal working solutions any longer — contact DIE-TECH today.