About Us

“Great job, our part looked and worked very well, DIE-TECH’s contribution to this project was flawless.”

Kevin Piper, Lead Engineer, TransTech

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History of Die-Tech, Inc.

Founded in 1974

We are a third-generation, privately held corporation established in 1974, specializing in precision metal stamped components for medical devices, automotive, telecommunication, nuclear, military and aerospace industries. We are located midway between Harrisburg and York in York Haven, Pennsylvania.

Being a family-owned business allows us to be nimble and responsive to the needs of our customers, the demands of the industries we serve, and to bring our family values to play in the business.

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Richard K. Dennis, our founder, is a visionary who has applied futuristic thinking to proven industrial practices during his more than 60 years in manufacturing. Richard W. Dennis, RK’s son and PK Dennis his daughter retired from the company in 2020. They passed the baton to William Harmis, who now serves as President.

We Started with a Hybrid Edge Clip

Die-Tech’s initial products were bifurcated and trifurcated hybrid edge clip connectors (also known as leadframe) for the budding ceramic-based, printed resistor, and capacitor industry in the early 1970s. And then we made them better with a continuous-wrap design that contained solder in the contact area which provided remarkable reliability when reflowed.  While this clip-style technology was a strong performer for the company, Die-Tech’s services have evolved to serve a multitude of industries in a global market.

We Engineer Ideas into Reality

We work metal; we do it every day.  It is our area of expertise — your strength is probably in other areas of manufacturing and so it makes sense that you would look for metalworkers to ensure your custom stamped metal components are optimized to save time, money, and effort for the life of your program.

Our business philosophy has endured since our formation in 1974. It is a simple three-pronged approach:

  • understand the needs of the customer,
  • strive for continuous improvement,
  • utilize the latest technology.

Quality from the Very Beginning

Our quality standards gained us recognition from the very beginning — including Malcolm Baldrige awards for quality and accolades from Delphi and Motorola. In 1998 Die-Tech’s quality system was ISO certified, and then upgraded to QS 9000 when we began stamping for the automotive industry. By 2004 we were applying LEAN manufacturing principles in all die maintenance procedures, sales procedures, information systems, engineering processes, and general management.  We continue the journey as we ensure we are a world-class manufacturer.

Continually Updating Our Technology

The first Wire EDM machine was purchased in 2002. Tooling costs and cycle time were immediately and significantly reduced. The newest computer-driven machine tools reduce to 8 hours what it used to take a tool & die maker 24 hours to complete. We also use 3-D CAD design software — so that electronic models, not drawings or blueprints, are sent to production. Products and Services

Metal Micro-Stampings are the focus of our business, including connectors, terminals, heat sinks, compliant pins, sockets, lids, specialty filters, leadframes, and metal substrates. We say, “If it is made of a light-gauge metal and fits in your hand, we probably can stamp whatever you have in mind.”

Progressive Dies are used to manufacture metal stampings; we build and maintain progressive dies in-house to ensure the highest quality standards, control costs, and reduce time to market.

Engineering Services for the design (and revision) of precision metal stampings to improve assembly and reduce manufacturing costs. We also specialize in the miniaturization of stamped products.

Precision in metal stamping manufacturing does make the difference in the quality, consistency, and ability of your organization to meet your customers’ expectations. Poorly designed metal stampings do not take advantage of the ability to integrate miniaturizing, fixturing, handling, locating, or orienting features in the metal stamping that help control or reduce the total cost of manufacturing.

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