Quality Metal Die Stamping – Made in America

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Do you need products manufactured in the US?

There are many reasons to choose DIE-TECH for all of your die stamping needs. One of the most important for many companies is our expertise in micromachining components in America. Our progressive dies and metal parts are manufactured in-house, right here in our facility in Pennsylvania. Why is this so important? For a number of reasons:

  • Efficiency: By doing all of our stamping and assembly in-house, we can control quality in a way that companies that outsource cannot. We also do not lose time or incur expenses trying to get parts or materials to arrive from other countries. This means we can make prototypes for your components faster and help you get your products to market sooner. We can also pass on the savings we generate from not having to buy or ship outside parts or materials on to you.
  • Military: It is vital for military operations that equipment and all parts and components for that equipment be made in the United States. Whatever your industry, if your products have military applications and you wish to do business with the American military, having American-made parts can prove to be a huge advantage.
  • The Economy: We believe that keeping jobs and business relationships in America is good for the American economy, which benefits the companies we work with and the customers they serve.

Other Benefits for Your Metal Stamping Needs

The fact that our die stamping metal components are all made in America is one of the myriad benefits of working with DIE-TECH. You will also appreciate our certifications and pledges that guarantee quality workmanship and ethically and morally responsible business practices in the products we sell.

We are ISO and QS9000 quality-certified for the manufacture of metal parts. We also have a commitment to not using any conflict minerals, or the products derived from them, and we strive for sustainability in all of our metalworking. We apply LEAN manufacturing principles and are continually learning and upgrading our techniques and technologies to best serve our customers.

We know that your metal-containing products are important to you. They are the heart of your business, so the metal components for those parts need to be reliable and of high-quality, which means they need to come from a company you can trust. DIE-TECH is that company.

We have been serving the metalworking needs of American companies for over 44 years and are still going strong due to our commitment to our quality and our customers. We are a second-generation family-owned company that always puts solving our customers’ problems first. We take on the metalworking jobs that other companies can’t or won’t.

Contact DIE-TECH for a Quote on American-Made Metal Die Stamping Today

We want to be the only metalworking company your business will ever need. We can handle design, stamping, assembly and prototyping. To arrange for a free quote for DIE-TECH to handle your metalworking project, just contact us online right now.


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York Haven, PA 17370
Phone: 717.938.6771
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