Parts In Your Hand Within 48 Hours…

Is buying your wired metal tools or components filled with frustration?


At DIE-TECH, we can offer you a complete range of metalworking services, including Wire EDM services. The quality and efficiency of our EDM cutting services comes from years of experience. From 2002, when we purchased our first Wire EDM machine and saw how dramatically tooling and cycling times were reduced, all the way to today, we have maintained a commitment to offering the best EDM machining services you can find.

When you look for Wire EDM Services, do they shock you with the cost of a part that you thought would be simple to make?  

Do they complain that your form is too complex, or that your specs are too tight?

Is the lead time they quote you weeks beyond the delivery date you need?

Are your programs at constant risk because your wire EDM supplier doesn’t meet their contractual obligations leaving you stuck with broken promises?
Our 41+ years of producing metal tooling and components for our own manufacturing production allows us to fully understand your needs and frustrations when it comes to wire EDM services.  die-tech can accelerate product development and improve your competitive edge. We do this by providing design for manufacturability experience, metal supply chain management, and the consistent and reliable production of complex forms with tight tolerance.

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What Are Wire EDM Services?

Our wire EDM cutting services are one of the ways that we can do metalworking jobs that other companies can’t. If you have a challenging job, such as creating a part out of hard, challenging material, a design with small radius inside corners or tight slots or other sensitive metal formation issues, wire EDM is a perfect solution, as it “cuts” finely without any actual cutting.

Wire EDM works by drilling a hole which we thread the wire through. The EDM wire serves as an electrode that disrupts the metal we thread it into, effectively “cutting through” that metal. Our EDM wire can cut through any electrically-conductive material, leaving clean separation in any direction and no burrs.

The very efficient wire EDM machine continually spools fresh wire through the piece to fight wire erosion as well as adjusts cutting speed to account for the condition of the wire and the metal. Wire EDM cutting is an extremely efficient and effective way to cut hard metal and tight angles, but for many companies, the cost of buying and maintaining wire EDM machines is cost-prohibitive, especially if you only need it for select jobs.

Fortunately, thanks to DIE-TECH you don’t need your own wire EDM machine. You can take advantage of the fact that we have high-quality wire EDM tech and experienced technicians who know just how to use it. We can affordably handle your wire EDM project and produce beautiful parts for you on an extremely tight deadline.

Need some numbers?

We use wire as small as 0.004 in diameter, allowing for a 0.0025 inch radius micromachining with plus/minus 0.0001 tolerances.  We also offer EDM hole popping, drilling, grinding, sink EDM, and lathe work.

You needed it yesterday?  We can produce parts for you within 48 hours once we have your purchase order.

What industries do we serve – see the list below.

If you’re wondering whether or not wire EDM machining services are appropriate for your industry or your business, just ask yourself if you ever have projects where precision and the production of a pristine product is critical, or if you ever need to work with a metal that is desirable for your purposes but challenging to cut. We serve a wide variety of industries, not limited to those below.

If your industry is not listed here and you’re not sure if we can benefit you with our wire EDM services, please call us to find out. We’re confident we can find a way to benefit your business, and if others in your industry aren’t using wire EDM, you just might be on to a way to get a huge edge over them. We’d love to be the ones to help you find it.

If you are a manufacturer that needs wired metal tools or components, need them to be correctly made the first (and every time), and you need them now — call today to end your frustration.

die-tech provides metalworking solutions to the:

We also provide die transfer services