Aerospace and Military

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Partners in design and manufacturing

Finding the right company to help you design and manufacture quality precision metal stampings for use in aerospace or military applications can be a challenge. Not only do many of your stampings need to be custom designed and built, but they must be manufactured according to strict quality standards and the resulting product must be highly reliable. Some companies talk the quality talk, but they don’t seem to live up to their sales pitch. Others don’t quite seem to understand exactly what you need, or they expect you to complete much of the design work yourself. Even worse, you could be expected to wait months for the final result, and even then you may not get what you need.

Why waste all that time and effort? If you’re in the aerospace or military industry and are looking for hands-on design and engineering assistance for your precision metal stamping needs, then look no further. Die-Tech’s decades of experience designing, engineering, tooling, and manufacturing custom metal stampings and our unwavering dedication to quality, reliability, and cost control make us a leader in our field. We will not only work with your budget and design requirements, but we can produce a final product in as little as four weeks.

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Microstamping in the Aerospace Industry

When it comes to aerospace metal stamping, precision is critical. Mistakes can mean the difference between life and death in their final application. Our aerospace stamping process, like all of our metal stamping processes, is a precision procedure developed over decades to give you a result that you cannot expect from other aerospace metal stamping companies.

We manufacture high-quality and precise metal stampings for seamless aerospace applications. When other aerospace companies tell you that a particular component is impossible for them to manufacture, talk to Die-Tech. When they tell you that it will be too time-consuming or cost-prohibitive, call us. Our aerospace stamping capabilities are virtually unlimited. If microstamping an aerospace component is possible, we can do it.

Microstamping for Military Applications

Microstamping components for the military is another sector where the ability to create cost-effective precision metal stampings is crucial. Lives could be dependent upon the applications that use military stamping parts, and that is a responsibility that we at Die-Tech take very seriously. Some military metal stamping parts are very complex to make and not all metal stamping companies are capable of making them correctly. We are. The American military requires that microstamped metal components for military applications be made in America. We produce all materials at our shop in central Pennsylvania. The Die-Tech military stamping process allows us to make virtually any metal stamping military component you require. We do all of our military stamping in America and we hold every product to the same high standards that have made us the go-to choice for metal fabrication for over four decades.

Having to find reliable metal parts that fit military requirements and military budgets can be stressful and challenging. Die-Tech can help.

Made in America

Die-Tech is based in Pennsylvania, and all of our design, engineering, and manufacturing work are performed right here in the United States. We are proud to serve a global marketplace, and clients in the United States, Canada, Mexico, South America, Europe, and Asia can attest to the benefits of working with a nimble, technology-driven company like Die-Tech. If you’d like to find out more about the benefits of “Made in America” precision metal stampings, please contact us today.

Remember that all microstamped metal components for U.S. military applications must be made in America, so our American manufacturing is critical if you work in the military industry. It’s critical that you verify that your metal fabricator makes their parts in America before you make any contracts for U.S. military applications. If you get your military metal stamping from Die-Tech, this is one issue you do not need to worry about.

In order to create precision metal stampings that meet your design goals, are cost-effective, and can be reliably manufactured, we work closely with your project team throughout the entire new product or product improvement process. This early and intense collaboration ensures that your design objectives and budget are completely understood. The result is a well-thought-out process that includes tools, die, surface finishing, and packaging that will deliver the custom metal stampings required for your specific project.

We avoid parts that don’t fit and future line down conditions by controlling the entire fulfillment process. We take responsibility for the design and manufacture of individual tools, die construction, process development, preventive maintenance, secondary finishing or assembly processes, packaging, and final delivery to your manufacturing center

When quality matters

When it comes to products manufactured for aerospace and military applications, quality isn’t just a catchphrase, it’s everything. It’s not enough to merely stay within your budget, meet your deadlines, and get a product out the door. You have to consider that lives may be on the line and security may be at stake. With these considerations in mind, your manufacturing partners have to regard quality with as much seriousness and dedication as you do.

For Die-Tech, it’s not enough to just make cost-effective precision metal stampings for your aerospace or military applications. We want to make sure that we make products you can be confident in from the first time you work with us. We know that after you’ve ordered several parts from Die-Tech, you’ll know that we are the only company you will ever need for your aerospace or military metal stamping.

We also want you to feel confident from day one, which is why we have taken every step necessary to make sure you will.

In order to meet the stringent quality requirements of customers just like you, Die-Tech uses the discipline and tools of the ISO/TS system. We are ISO 9001:2015 certified for the manufacture of stamped products. We strongly believe that the external auditing process challenges us to live our documentation, benchmark our performance, question the status quo, and create higher performance standards for every member of our corporation. So if you’ve been looking for a metal stamping manufacturer who “walks the walk” when it comes to quality, then you’ll want to contact us today.

When time is money

One of Die-Tech’s strengths is our patented New Technology (NewT), a revolutionary stamping process. NewT is a set of tools and techniques that we developed to eliminate most of the time-consuming stages of die construction while maintaining certification standards. This new stamping process allows us to design and deliver sophisticated metal stampings within 4 weeks, and “impossible” metal stampings with only a few weeks longer. Not only is NewT fast, but the entire manufacturing process is governed by our certified quality control system to ensure that the prototypes and production parts we produce meet your expectations.

If you’re ready to partner with a company that understands the unique constraints of the aerospace and military industries, then it is time to talk to Die-Tech. Let us help you achieve your mission and meet your goals. Contact us today and leverage the experience of our skilled engineers, innovative design team, and streamlined manufacturing process to get your stampings “Made in America” in record time.

295 Sipe Road
York Haven, PA 17370
Phone: 717.938.6771

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