Communications and Consumer Electronics

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Supplier to this Industry for over 41 Years

If your business requires precision metal stampings to serve the communications and consumer electronics industries, then you understand the challenges of competing in a demanding global marketplace. Quality design, competitive pricing, streamlined manufacturing, minimal lead times, and speedy shipping are critical in order to differentiate your business from the competition. We understand your needs and concerns because these are critical issues for die-tech as well.

As a second-generation family owned metal stamping business we’ve been around long enough to appreciate the way manufacturing has evolved over the years. We got our start designing and manufacturing precision metal stampings for the communications and consumer electronics industries, and our first 20 years of business were spent refining and optimizing this line of business. No matter what your metal stamping needs – leadframe, edge clip, hybrid edge clip, dual in-line or single in-line lightweight complex metal stampings, — our skilled engineers and experienced designers will work with you to hone your design and offer innovative solutions for your manufacturing needs.

If you are seriously committed to taking your company to the next level please contact us to find out how we can help you. We’re an American business based in Pennsylvania, and we serve clients all around the globe. Whether you are in Canada, Mexico, South America, Europe, Asia, or right here in the United States we can collaborate with you on your next metal stamping project. Find out what it’s like to work with an innovative, technology driven company with the shortest time-to-market in the industry – contact die-tech today.

Innovating to Save You Time and Money

In order to reduced cycle times for our customers we find innovative ways to procure materials and provide services. Our Supply Chain Manager analyzes each step in the supply chain with one thought: How do we make this happen in less time?

We have helped customers reduce their cycle times several ways. For one customer, we were able to order materials for their recurrent stamping job annually instead of quarterly, and this larger volume order cut the cost of raw materials by about 20%. Even better, by purchasing material annually and inventorying materials at die-tech, four weeks were cut from the cycle time. What could your business do with those kind of time and dollar savings?

In addition, die-tech can use a minimum / maximum system reorder point for our customers, also known as Kanban. As soon as material inventory falls below a minimum level, we contact the customer to let them know that another order is needed. The customer purchases the material to projected maximum level, and die-tech receives, stores, and maintains the inventory – a win-win situation all around.

Quality Standards and RoHS Requirements

Some companies give a lot of lip service to the importance of quality control, but more often than not it’s just hot air. While other manufacturers may hide behind their oft touted “quality procedures”, die-tech chooses to walk the quality walk. We firmly believe that not only is it a good idea to invest in a proven quality control system, but we know it’s an absolute necessity. We demonstrate our dedication to quality by achieving ISO certification for the manufacture of stamped products.

In addition to these certifications, Die-Tech is also RoHS (Restriction of Hazardous Substances) compliant. The RoHS directive limits the amount of hazardous substances such as lead, cadmium, mercury, hexavalent chromium, and polybrominated biphenyl (PBB) that may be contained in products sold to Europe. This directive is just the tip of the iceberg; similar legislation is pending all over the world. In the United States, many states are passing comparable environmental legislation. Are your current raw materials and plating RoHS compliant? If you’re not sure, it might make sense to contact our staff to understand your exposure and options.

Our Hybrid Edge Clips & Leadframe Revolutionized an Industry

Learn more about made-to-order leadframe and edge clips by clicking here.

New Technology to Help You Compete

die-tech has also pioneered an innovative technique to manufacture precision metal stampings called NewT (New Technology). We developed NewT in order to ensure that our manufacturing process strictly followed ISO standards and eliminated some of the time-consuming steps in die construction. NewT is one of the ways we are able to deliver your metal stampings within 4 weeks – unheard of in this industry! We can even deliver difficult to manufacture metal stampings with only a few more weeks of time.

die-tech: Experience and Innovation

If you have been wasting time on faulty initial designs, flawed prototypes, or if your designers have been losing sleep over an “impossible” metal stamping problem – it might be time to give die-tech a call. Not only can we save you valuable time, but we will work with you and your team to produce exactly the precision stamping you need, within your design and budget constraints. If your company needs an edge in today’s ultra-competitive world marketplace, then contact an industry leader that understands and appreciates the communications and consumer electronics marketplace. Please contact die-tech today, and get to know our world-class engineers, our skilled design team, and find out how our innovative manufacturing process can produce exactly the metal stampings you need to remain competitive.

295 Sipe Road
York Haven, PA 17370
Phone: 717.938.6771

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